Can I live in the AWARENESS of yesterday and in the WONDER of today?
I wonder what kind of experience will that be?

I ask this question NOT to compare it with quotes like
“Stop and smell the roses” or “Live in the present moment” and then conclude that it means this or that.

But actually find out for myself
what is living in “awareness of yesterday/past experience” and
what is living in the “memory of the yesterday/past” experience really mean.
Is there a difference between Awareness and Memory?

Does “Awareness” mean that so and so exist and I know it does?
For example – I am aware that I have a body called human body.

Does “memory” mean that I had an experience and I know the “result of the experience”, so I “choose” to have the same experience again or not, but most certainly I know what the end result is, isn’t it?

Most times, I find myself living in the memories of my past experiences or in the memories of others experiences (family/friends/society etc etc) creating traditions, conditions etc
But what if I change my mind consciously to live in the “AWARENESS” of the past experiences?

Now that I am living in the awareness of yesterday and don’t know if the present experience will be a bad or good experience.
Can I simply wonder what the experience will be, simply experiencing the experience but yet aware?

What kind of life/experience will my life/experience be when the “AWARNESS MEETS WONDER” every second, every single thought of mine?

So, can I live in the “AWARENESS of yesterday and in the WONDER of Today”?




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