So many faces, So many braces
Some i touched, some i torched
Some i bowed, Some i loved
Some i held, some i meld

My Tear drops are my dancing rain drops
My life is a knife of my life
knife that knives the lives of my life

Ones i hated, ones i loved
Ones i lied to, ones i died for
All are done and all are gone

So many smiles, so many miles
So many conversations, so many causations
so many fruitions and so many bifurcations
but My memory has faded and my mind has jaded

I may never see you again, i may never hear you again
No whisper, no disperse will bring us back again
For the again has no gain to gain

I am a brock and i am a rock
I am my own crock and i am my own mock
My heart has died and my mind has fried

For all that is left is that left after the theft in the depth of my breath
In the breath of my thought
And in the thought of my breath.


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