Nothing Lasts for Ever
for the ever say never to ever, never ever
the river, the flower and the giver
Never say never to another ever

The waves of the ocean, the sound of the rain
The ways of the wind, the rays of the sun
and the dance of the daisies
never say never ever to each other

So let the
dings of my heart, bling’s of my thought
clings of my knot, swings of my not
And the flings of my plot
never say never ever to another

For, I be joy, simply joy to another, each other, for one another
Why say never to another
For all I have is this moment with the other
That which may remain forever is this moment together with each other

Far away I was born, far away I will be torn
So, I make each other, near and dear, my dear

The next time around, I may not be around to see around or to go round and round
So I be joy to one another, each other for ever
For I never know ever if I will ever see the other ever



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