Many Times, i hear the words – be the space between thoughts
I wonder if the space between thoughts is like the space between death and birth, for i remember none of them
Just like the space between the thoughts, i have no memory of either of them

I know i am dying but don’t really remember when i die, at that moment of death
same way i know i was born on so and so date and time but don’t remember that event myself

I hear many times, live as if i am dead, Die as if i am still alive
Does living, as if i am dead mean, to be conscious of the memory that has no memory, just like the space between thoughts that has no thought?

For many times i am only living in the memory

In the memory i live, in the memory i fade
In the memory i cry, in the memory i laugh
To the memory i die, to the memory they cry

In the memories i hop, in the memory i hope
In the memory i miss, in the memory i kiss
In memory i speak, in the memory i Seek
In the memory i fish, To the memories i miss

And yet, birth and death has no memory to make
The one in between is full and the one in-between is nil
What if i can be nil to the full and Full to the nil?

I die to my memory, to be born to no memory when i have a memory

So i wonder what is birth and what is death?
I wonder if i can die while i am still alive, alive to the memories, die to the memories
I wonder what living and dying is then to me?


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