Spin of the spin is a pin in the spin
It may look like a spinoff of the spin but is also a spin
It is neither a sin nor a win but just a different pin in the spin
A pin that is not the twin of the spin but a slightly different kind of spin
For every pin is a another spin and every spin is another pin within the spin

Same way
The thought watching the thought and the thought hatching the thought is another thought
The quality of the thought may be different to satisfy me of my want, whether it is the thought of the heart or the thought of the mind
But it is still a thought

I have to watch my thought, for it may become my memory
I have to watch my memory for it may give me another thought to make up another thought
For I am living in a pocket full of memories
heart full of worries
mind full of stories
while my memories hurry me for more stories

Bound by my memory
Found by my memory
Drowned by my memory
Crowned by my memory
I am married to the dairy of my memories

Memory as my base, memory as my face
Memory as my grace and memory as my chase, giving rise to my thoughts

Caught in my thought, caught in the thought of my thought
Bought by the thought, I plot for more thoughts
Brought back to my thoughts, I rot in the knot of my thoughts
I flip and flop between thoughts, not recognizing the very thought, the very nature of the thought

I wonder of this thought that wanders to the thought, that ponders of the thought

For it is another thought thinking of the thought, that is thinking of the thought within the thought of the thought, that has a thought to think of the thought of the thought



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