When I loose wonder
I plunder
I become a blunder

I may think I am a thunder
But only that much more dumber
For I have no wonder

I wonder
what the trees are talking to each other
What the birds are singing, singing to each other

I wonder
what the ocean is saying to the waves
What the waves are saying to the sand on which they dance

I wonder
what and who the mighty mountains talk to
what the rivers & the streams think of the earth they flow on

I wonder
what the flower thinks of its fragrance
the fire of the wood its is burning on
the wind on which it blows

I wonder, for in wonder
I have no need to change anything, no need to change the world
But only to wonder, only to love, only to listen

So when I love and wonder, what will I change in the world, the world that has become a wonder
I will only change the change of love and the love of change in wonder
Only to wonder

I wonder….




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