Wake Up

The Treasures of the Earth
The Sisters of the Earth
The Brothers of the Earth
And the Mothers of the Earth

Step up, soak up, tee up and wake up
For we make up, the cup
The cup of the earth
We birth up to dance up
Dance up, to the song of the earth, to the dance of the dreams

Don’t bang up but drum up
Don’t bum up but dear up
Don’t gunk up but gear up
Don’t tear up but dare up

Dare up to bare up, bare up to pair up
Pair up to gear up to glory up one another, each other
For I walk on the earth, I drink of the earth, I eat of the earth
And I breathe of the earth

Bow up and glow up
For in the love of the other is my glory
and in the love of the other is my story

So, stand up, not for the cup that is up there
And for the earth that is my cup and the birth on the earth is my UP




4 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. What an awesome poem! I love the message! I also love how you play with words and rhymes! I’ve never been much of a poet, so I am wondering, do these awesome rhymes just come to your mind like that, or do you sit for hours, trying to put them together? When thoughts go through your mind, do they rhyme?

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    1. Happy to hear that it resonated with you and your awesome perception πŸ™‚

      Yes, I write down whatever comes to mind. I never intend/strive them to rhyme or write philosophy. The amount of time I spend is the amount of time I take to type it.

      Everything I share are my personal messages of my thoughts to the thoughts feeling/minding the thoughts that are thinking of the thoughts πŸ™‚


      1. That is pretty impressive. You’ve got quite an amazing mind! I am so glad that you decided to write down your rhyming thoughts. This way you created a window for all of us to peek through, to follow its beauty.

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