Perception of Love

Many times I define love, many times I deny everything other than love
I speak of the love as the only one, for I have none to match the one I call, the one.

I say to my girlfriend/wife that I love you but then, I dint even know you existed few months ago, few years ago, few decades ago
I say I never know what love is until I met you
Do I say that because I have defined love as the absence of love and now I define love as the absence of that absence of that which I defined myself as love
I wonder if that is love

A mother says to her son, I love you, but the mother doesn’t even know the son until she conceived the son/daughter, who was this son/daughter before then, where was the love before?
So, Is love that develops with progression of time, experience and memory?
Is love that comes and goes as I will and wish?, Is that Love?
Rather than condemn this thought, I must consider it!

Is it possible that I define and speak of love as if it is the very life itself, a life that contains all of this illusion of perception of this and that
So as to make me feel secure and keep my illusion of security and comfort going,
So I am intoxicated in this illusion of mine and never to wake up to question my perception of love?

Do I speak of love so I can keep a lock on love
Lock on all that speak of love?
Maybe this is why I don’t want you to change, nor question myself, for then, I don’t have to change because the you don’t have to change.
Maybe, this is why I am so attached to my labels of my race, my country, my religion etc. in my every act and in my every thought I think
May be this why I encourage you to speak of them as well, divide yourself from me as well so we can divide ourselves and I don’t have to change or give up that which I hold on to, cling on to
is this love?
If this is love, then I wonder if this is actually the attachment to the experience of the mind and the memory developed from that experience

When all else fails to satisfy my clinging, my dinging of what I hold on to, I say, love cannot be defined, it must be felt
Forgetting that I am still defining love by un-defining love, in feeling love.

When I cut open my skull, I see no thoughts of hate or love. I cut open my heart, I see no sign of love, so where is this so called love?

Maybe, rather than asking what is love, for that only shows the quality of love
I ask myself “why” do I feel certain way when I “think” of hate or when I “think” that I am in love or I am loved?
Where is this perception of mine coming from?, Is it from this body?, Is it from the others body? And when the other ceases to exist first in my thought, what is happens to love?

Will I then be able to understand/feel for myself, the actuality of that which is happening within me, the awareness of me that I call me
Maybe then, I can no longer hide behind the words or the illusion of my own perceptions and its security/comfort both mentally and physically.

And maybe then I am naked, “COMPLETELY” naked inside out.



4 thoughts on “Perception of Love

  1. Love is an ephemeral emotion born from interaction and understanding. There is nothing tangible about the definition of love. It is purely born from experience and is no different from any other emotion we experience – whether that is happiness or anger.
    Perhaps though, with modern society’s lack of real social interaction…love deserves to be something more.


    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective.
      I believe, each of us need to question our own belief of love, that which I have taken for granted, as habit, as a tradition and seek comfort/security in it.
      Maybe through questioning oneself, I may come upon all of the myriad of images, of the image of love that I have been living in.
      And maybe through this experience, I may experience something entirely different that may become a change initiated by me, for me and within me 🙂

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  2. Loving your perspective on love. If love does not exist, imagine the devastation that would occur in the world, let us say that if the world have love, isis and dais would not exist hitler would not happen, and everything would be peaceful and such. The belief of love is simply too difficult for us emotional beings because we are always hindered by the three big sins- power, money, and sex. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


    1. Thank you for sharing 🙂
      In my perspective – Love as the opposite of devastation/fear is simply an opposite and is only as good as its opposite and is dependent on the opposite to exist in relativity to its opposite, as a mask of the opposite, thus actually feeding its opposite.
      All the entities that were mentioned in your share, are reflections of humanity. Humanity may hide from them, complain about them but they are a reflection of “each” of our doings to oneself, to each other in everyday life and to the entire life on earth. And when I have to face my own destruction by my own kind (humans) and when such destruction comes knocking my own two feet, only then I realize the destructive nature of my own mind, my own doings, the human mind and then condemn one group over the other, raise the image of love to calm the destructive nature of human mind, praise the image of balance of love, isn’t it?
      Again, is peace as an opposite of chaos and exist only when there is chaos really peace and what happens to such peace when there is no memory of chaos, no identity of chaos, will it still be called peace?
      I think love is simple, the complexity of the everything else within me, hiding in the name, in the mask of love is what makes love difficult from the perception of such a perceiver 🙂

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