Replacements as My Replenishments

Replacements as my replenishments
Replenishments as my acknowledgements
Acknowledgements as my accomplishments
And accomplishments as my compliments

I lament in the cement of these replacements
Never understanding the nature of my own replacements, my own accomplishments
For the root of a replacement lies in its replenishment, within its replenishment of the replacement

Swinging from one memory to another
Bringing each memory of another to another
Belonging to memory of my memories
I tether to the memories of each other

Never understanding that each one is alone, everyone is alone
For the one in each and the each in the one is always all alone
And the one in every and the every in everyone is always alone

Alone for alone, I alone become alone
For the lonely is not alone
And only alone is alone for alone

And maybe when I am truly alone and not lonely
I may come across the mind within the mind in my mind that is a bind of my loneliness
A loneliness that seeks replacements of one for another
One pleasure for another, one pain for another, another gain for another

Maybe here, I may come across that which is neither a placement nor a replacement of the opposites or the deposit of the opposites
Maybe then, where my mind is free of my opposites, I may no longer need replacements, no longer in need of replenishments of these replacements

Maybe then, I may have the ability to examine my own mind, my own bind for the grind
For a mind that is free, free of seeking, free of seeping is no longer sleeping



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