Me, the Prisoner of My Perception

Me as a prisoner of my own mind
I am a miner of the grind of my mind

Bound by the imagination of my infatuation
I am the reincarnation of my infatuated imagination

My imagination as my perception
My perception as the perception of the imaginary imagination
I make up my the destination of perception
Reality as my perceptions reality, I make up my perception as my reality, I make up my perception as my actuality

Perception as my creation and my cremation
Perception as my formation and my destruction
Perception of my ratification as my gratification, I have become a decoration of my perception, to my perception

To the perception of the perceivers perception perceiving the perception of the perceiver unto its own perception
I make up my Perception as my feed

My Feed as my need and my need as that which I bleed, that which I breed
I seed the need of the deed
And for the deed of the greed, I make up my web of the weed

In this web, I move step by step to loose all of my pep
Lost and frost in my own knots, the knots and not’s of my thoughts
I search for a way out, a way out of the web through the web, only to go round and round in my own web of perception through the deception of the perception
Until the moment I realize that I don’t know that I don’t know

Maybe then, I knock on the door of that which is not known
I try to stand on the floor of that which is not known
to undo that which is through the known
For every perception is of the known and every known is through the perception of the known

Maybe then, I may come across the unknown that which is not known to the known nor to the known-unknown
For I am neither the well known nor the known or the unknown through the known.




4 thoughts on “Me, the Prisoner of My Perception

  1. Perception! Love the word. I realize how tricky it can be, and thankfully enjoy checking in with my inner-self, as well as selves outside to see how truly fascinating knowing what I don’t know through my own rose colored glasses can be. There are a few things that I know for sure, that is; how they serve me and living my highest and best. I don’t often tweak these, but there are plenty more that occasionally need adjustment. Such is living life to the fullest.


  2. Thank you for sharing Jen.
    In my perspective and applies to me only – where there are multiple selves (inner self, outer self, etc), my mind would swing from one self to another gathering comfort and security and acting through these.
    And maybe when I dissolve all selves, maybe when I dissolve all choices (meaning the choice of choosing, the choice of not choosing), maybe then my mind may come across itself like a reflection in a mirror, to be able to face itself, to actually look at itself.
    Maybe here, such mind’s perception and that which is being perceived may have completely different awareness.
    For my each idea, each thought is a confinement in itself that which acts from my memory 🙂


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