Emotion As Motion

Emotion is not the motion of an age old locomotion
Emotion is the motion of the moment in the movement within each momoent

For emotion is of the present. That which arises from the past has its roots in the memory and is just a motion of the memory and not emotion
To know emotion is to know the motion, to know the motion is to enslave the emotion to the shackles of a memory repeating itself

Emotion maybe like that of the awareness, that is aware and yet never repeat nor clig on to, to repeat the same or mask the same in the name of a different meme, a concurrent name

Emotion is neither devotion nor an explosion of commotion
Emotion may be like the ocean, that is ever flowing and is neither taken from nor added to and yet is in motion of its own notion

Born out the ocean, every notion returns to the ocean and so is the emotion
Born out of emotion, every motion of the emotion returns to emotion to experience the very emotion, to represent the present within the present

In the present, there is the presence of emotion
And maybe when I am able to be aware of the this presence, the presence of the absence has a different presence within the presence of this emotion
To be emotion, to live in the emotion with no recollection of the presence of emotion, maybe then, I may come upon the nature of a very different selfless emotion
A selfless emotion that is not of a self nor of the self and is of the very emotion’s motion

For the emotion to be emotion, there is no I motion nor the me motion nor the myslef commotion
In the awareness of the motion of this Me, Myself and I’s locomotion, I may come acorss the very I that is after the motion of this emotion
An by inquiring this very I, I maybe like the ocean and dissolve all the notions of emotion

Maybe then within me rises and arises the emotion
Like the fire that doesn’t burn itself
Like the water that does’t wet itself
Like the wind that doesn’t feel itself
For each of them know not of their presence and yet are present in the present’s presence
So, I be the emotionless emotion within the motion of the emotion


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