Lost in my Flavors

Different flavors for different Starver’s
Starver’s starved and carved to be hungry
Hunger as the norm, fighting to steal, deal and wheel under different flags, different colored rags to rent different bags
Fighting as my excitement and excitement within the fight as the knight of my flight
Never questioning the internal fight, internal freight
I am just a dead weight on life

Labels as my walls, walls I have enslaved myself within
I only make pals with those that have more walls filled with even more nails
Pain as my food, my nourishment
Transaction as my traction to that which I respond, to that which I am bound
I seek out those that are hurt to justify my own hurts, my own rotten belief’s

Used and abused, joined arm in arm, justified by each others hurt
I make no mistake in hurting another further, using another to abuse further
For only hurt can hurt, only used can use, only abused can abuse

Life through lenses of substitutions, distractions
Unable, unaware of the nature of the depositions of distractions and substitutions
I make these my replenishment’s, my very institution filled with restitution’s
Begotten restitution’s as my life line and Rewards as my stewards
I am just a sheep to create more sheep for those that wants to reap, forever shackled to this weep and deep asleep
Known only through the rewards, excited in the awards, I tear apart life to the mundane, seeking the opposite of mundane, unknown that Excitement created through the mind of mundane is the very fodder for even more mundane, I chain, stain, drain the very vein of my life rain

Looking for positive in the negative, feeding the very negative
Negative as my scape, I build a cape through this scape with a mask of the positive
Living through the appearances and dissapearences
I play hide and seek never understanding the nature of my hiding and or seeking
Propelled by those that agree with me, those that lift my rotten self
I join those that feed more rotten garbage into the very essence of my life

Choices as my voices, never understanding the nature of choices nor the nature of those that are offering the choices
How am I to come across that which I don’t know that I don’t know
For I am numbed by my beliefs, gunned by the stress reliefs and dumbed by this internal grief.

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