One Life

Trees filled with birds and the breeze filled with buzzing bee hoards
And the sun shining with its rays of light raining
Where the whistling of the leaves join the fluttering of the feathery birds
Where the noises are lost in the voices of life, a chorus of a free life

We raise each other in this nectar of life
To drink and to be drunk in this connector of love for life
Is the free life
A free life not given by me to my own tether nor that is from the other or through the other

Nourish each other, feed each other, grow together
Let us feast together and never on each other
For each life is to be nourished and each life’s strife perished in the nature and nurture of nourishment

Share each others minds, each others longing to create a life for all of us together
For a mindful heart and a heartful mind always flutters in the joy of another
For such a mind knows that the mind is not of the heart and the heart not the knot of the mind

Seek the wings that are shut, speak the minds that are caged, enraged for all these centuries
For freeing one self, my self, I free my perception of the other
Maybe then the other becomes a feather on the wings that allows me to fly, fly free from the other and yet together
Maybe then I may realize the other is my perception within the me I claim as mine

Maybe then,
Aimless I wander
Shameless I surrender
Frameless I ponder
Dreamless I meander
For in this grandless endeavor, I may come across the intentions attention for intention of this together

Together, let us not gather to hide behind each other or barter one another
And to stand alone
Alone not to add to another and to the truth that the other is the idea, a perception within me
A me that is independent, undivided by the voice of another, the noise of the tether for one another is a different me
For such a me, may uncover that there is no other, no tether nor the nether

Maybe that day I may recover to uncover and discover that the rays of the sun, the ways of the shun and the race for the loved ones are None
And my life is from the everyone that arises from the none
For I am that one from the none and no one.

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