Body As My Bait

Body as my bait
Shady as my state
Shoddy as my trait
Body pleasures as my habit and my habit as my entertainment
Entertainment as my entrainment
Entrainment as my comfortable entrapment
Entrapment as my only state of sustenance, my only state of consumption
I swing from one ding to another fling, unknown that the ding and the fling are of the same ping
A ping for a cling, a little bit of bling to cling on to

Reasons for the cling or hunting under the mask of connection are many, but the reason behind the reason, within my mind is one and the same – living through the acceptance/rejection (they are one and the same) of the my/other’s entertainment

Entertainment is Emotional Consumption, a self-manipulation, more atrocious than physical consumption and is the creator of today’s traditional religion of human consumerism
Nearly all of waking life is spent on either some form of entertainment (spiritual, religious, societal or mindless repetition of the most popular thing out there) or in the fear of survival and security.
It is a sad state that grown humans are still playing with balls, watching others play with balls year after year, never understanding the nature of a ball and running, round and round like a hamster in the wheel numbed to habit and fear of boredom.

When I am unable to be Alone (neither emotionally dependent on the other or on my-self), I know nothing of life and only come across a “lonely life” that pushes me for the appeasement and entertainment of the other that much further into the lonely hole
And the other who comes for my entertainment is also in the same lonely boat.
And when two/more lonely boats who cant ride their own boat come together to ride together in the false pretense of the illusory comfort of togetherness, I am only trying to escape from my lonely boredom and will never realize or come across life.

Just like Ralph in the video begging, when I am deep down in the “Stink of Entertainment”, even “self-manipulating myself and begging” for likes feels all warm and fuzzy and fun, all the while subconsciously dying and left in a state of mechanical puppetry, performing reward based tasks resulting in a conflicted and depressed psyche, thus expressed in the body.
For the Road of many, is a web of plenty where I am the fly in the spider web that consumes my life through the illusory spider of many.

Take for example – No matter who squeezes an apple, an apple always gives apple juice because it does not depend on the audience, leech on the audience, feed on the audience like a parasite.
Now what if the apple manipulates itself to giving pineapple juice when squeezed by pineapple people and grape juice when squeezed by grape people. It sure will neither be apple juice nor the pineapple/grape juice.
And such is the nature of “self-manipulation” of my own mind. I neither will be the real me nor will I get to know the other really. I may have plenty of friends who give pleasure or followers and still be empty and lonely inside, no matter how much and how many I gather around through my manipulation, dance of balance garbage and authentically connecting and getting along tactics.
Same way, a mind that is not dependent on the other for emotional or physical reward or be stubborn, expresses itself in freedom (in thought and everyday life actions), no matter who it interacts with, in complete honesty without wanting to be honest. For when I am honest with my self, there will be a realization in action that is self evident.
Like words are an extension of the mind, my everyday actions are an extension of my actual thoughts within

Life is not an entertainment nor entertainment is life and I am not a circus animal framed/farmed for entertainment or my life is a reality TV show
Life is not to be knifed to cut short my own life in the illusion of attainment or entertainment of the other.
Life is not in the head-banging music or in the manipulative lyrics behind the music written by rotten minds and played through by their begotten grinds for begotten heads
Life is not in the likes or the spike I get from the likes of popularity
Life is not in the hello, how are you, lets have a good time for couple of days
Life is not in the mechanical manners or in the predefined pretentious politeness
Life is not to be seen through a camera or on a phone screen, it is to be witnessed with my own eyes, realized and felt in every single nerve and every single hair strand on my body and within the very fundamental thought

Maybe, when I actually realize this as my everyday life,
I become empty to allow real life to flow into my life, to fill my life with life.
For life is like water, always filling the empty, to empty
So I be life and live life.

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