The Root of Racism

Racism starts with psychological self-identification with a particular division and thinking/acting in reference to that self-identified/accepted division within, through me, to me, for me.

Race as my face
A race for and against this face as my mask, a mask covering my real face
My real face that I hide behind this chase for a race, making it my grace to embrace or disgrace
Not realizing such embrace/disgrace only sets me ablaze and mace my very own being, the very essence of life

The acceptance that “I am” pink, “you” are green, so I am going to lift up all the green people because green is being put down by “my/we” pink people, may look nice to the immediate eye, however is the very root of racism and thus can never be completely dissolved within the individual and thus from the society.
And so is the reason why the individual and the society continue to be segregated and those that are a product of such society only knows to control, enforce, manipulate and enslave based on these psychological divisions within themselves and within each individual
For psychologically divided individuals are only bound to the divisions within and are never free. I may have “freedom to choose” between predefined choices presented/inherited but not freedom.

A different way is to examine and realize this justified, subjugated, self imposed and inherited self identification on an individual level. Such self-realization will automatically bring about change within the individual and thus human society as whole.
And such individual, rather than fighting for “Rights” among the divisions, to join in the psychological & divisional destruction of life, will stand up to take self-responsibility for every action and in every thought, in everyday life.

Fight not for a right, for a fight’s plight is always born out of spite
Fight not for a share in privilege, for any for/against privilege is a carnage
Fight not for this lineage of carnage, for carnage is of the savage that ravages within

A Real Revolution is that which begins psychologically within
A Real Revolution brings about self-examination and self-realization
A Real Revolution with self-realization brings a different actualization
For a Real Revolution within, is the real evolution within

An evolution whose root and shoot is that of self responsibility and self discipline
Self-responsibility that is not of control or of duty and of responsible freedom
Self-responsible freedom whose fruit and the seed within such fruit is the very solution
A self-responsible solution independent of resolution.

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