Wake Up

The Treasures of the Earth
The Sisters of the Earth
The Brothers of the Earth
And the Mothers of the Earth

Step up, soak up, tee up and wake up
For we make up, the cup
The cup of the earth
We birth up to dance up
Dance up, to the song of the earth, to the dance of the dreams

Don’t bang up but drum up
Don’t bum up but dear up
Don’t gunk up but gear up
Don’t tear up but dare up

Dare up to bare up, bare up to pair up
Pair up to gear up to glory up one another, each other
For I walk on the earth, I drink of the earth, I eat of the earth
And I breathe of the earth

Bow up and glow up
For in the love of the other is my glory
and in the love of the other is my story

So, stand up, not for the cup that is up there
But for the earth that is my cup and the birth on the earth is my UP



The Other

In the death is the breath of the other
In the breath of the other is the birth of another
In the Birth of another is the experience of each other
In the experience of each other, is the memory of together

In the memory of the together, i tether
To the he memory of the other, I wither
For the memory of the other, i shiver
To the memory of the other, i hither

For a few moments in the memory and for a few monuments within the memory
I go after the memory to make a memory of the memory for another memory
Not realizing that within my memory

The name changes
the game changes
the fame changes
The shame changes
And the reason behind the season for change, changes
But the essence behind the name, the game, the fame and the shame, remains the same

For my memory ignites my recognition
Whether the recognition is of uncompassion or of compassion, is still my memory

Recognition as my ignition
I burn on the fuel of duel
The duel of the bad and the good, one for the other, one over the other, one or the other

In this battle against one another, each other, within my memory
I rattle my own memories making more memories
Memories that make me a cattle
cattle that is served into the plate of my own battles

And this i call, memories of life
I wonder if i unmemorize my memory and my memory of my memories, with no memory to memory to memorize the memory of the memory
what is that lives on, what will be life then?



Many Times, i hear the words – be the space between thoughts
I wonder if the space between thoughts is like the space between death and birth, for i remember none of them
Just like the space between the thoughts, i have no memory of either of them

I know i am dying but don’t really remember when i die, at that moment of death
same way i know i was born on so and so date and time but don’t remember that event myself

I hear many times, live as if i am dead, Die as if i am still alive
Does living, as if i am dead mean, to be conscious of the memory that has no memory, just like the space between thoughts that has no thought?

For many times i am only living in the memory

In the memory i live, in the memory i fade
In the memory i cry, in the memory i laugh
To the memory i die, to the memory they cry

In the memories i hop, in the memory i hope
In the memory i miss, in the memory i kiss
In memory i speak, in the memory i Seek
In the memory i fish, To the memories i miss

And yet, birth and death has no memory to make
The one in between is full and the one in-between is nil
What if i can be nil to the full and Full to the nil?

I die to my memory, to be born to no memory when i have a memory

So i wonder what is birth and what is death?
I wonder if i can die while i am still alive, alive to the memories, die to the memories
I wonder what living and dying is then to me?