Wake Up

The Treasures of the Earth
The Sisters of the Earth
The Brothers of the Earth
And the Mothers of the Earth

Step up, soak up, tee up and wake up
For we make up, the cup
The cup of the earth
We birth up to dance up
Dance up, to the song of the earth, to the dance of the dreams

Don’t bang up but drum up
Don’t bum up but dear up
Don’t gunk up but gear up
Don’t tear up but dare up

Dare up to bare up, bare up to pair up
Pair up to gear up to glory up one another, each other
For I walk on the earth, I drink of the earth, I eat of the earth
And I breathe of the earth

Bow up and glow up
For in the love of the other is my glory
and in the love of the other is my story

So, stand up, not for the cup that is up there
And for the earth that is my cup and the birth on the earth is my UP





Hurt people hurting people making hurt people hurt more people
to distract people, to detract people

Divisions as my distractions and detractions as my provisions
these Provisions as my visions on the course of my collisions
Dividing the division of the divide within me

People come, people leave
But the Pupil that I am has become the weave for every eve
Every eve that is a heave
I may think I am here to achieve, to receive, to perceive, but I am simply naïve

Player upon player
Layer upon layer
Prayer upon prayer
I layer the prayer for the player I have become

Each pupil as a player, playing the player, playing the player of the player
Living in the fear and Forgetting the dear
I spear and smear everyone and everything near
Just to appear as a frontier, for I have lost my ear to hear, here

Me as a reflection of the entire humanity, with the deception of vanity, created this insanity, this profanity within me
For I have lost my “responsibility” and acceptability to myself
and thus to every self and shelf within me and around me

So, I let me wake up, remove my makeup
raise my cup up to share my heart up

For my heart that’s shaken and my thought that is not mistaken will awaken to become a lumen that lights and a fire that ignites.




Nothing Lasts for Ever
for the ever say never to ever, never ever
the river, the flower and the giver
Never say never to another ever

The waves of the ocean, the sound of the rain
The ways of the wind, the rays of the sun
and the dance of the daisies
never say never ever to each other

So let the
dings of my heart, bling’s of my thought
clings of my knot, swings of my not
And the flings of my plot
never say never ever to another

For, I be joy, simply joy to another, each other, for one another
Why say never to another
For all I have is this moment with the other
That which may remain forever is this moment together with each other

Far away I was born, far away I will be torn
So, I make each other, near and dear, my dear

The next time around, I may not be around to see around or to go round and round
So I be joy to one another, each other for ever
For I never know ever if I will ever see the other ever