Human & Numen

A human needs no high-rises nor 10 bed townhomes
A human body needs a shelter within nature, within the nature of nature

A human needs no company of a companion
A human needs to accompany the mind of the human

A human needs no security of tomorrow
A human needs to scrutinize the human mind of today

A human needs no fort of comfort
A human needs to get to know the confinement of the comfortable mind

A human needs no needs of the wants to haunt
A human needs to daunt the wants of the needs

A human needs no free will nor the free will of choice
A human needs freedom, from free will and free will of choice
Freedom, from my own known voice

Freedom is not a dome that it is confined to but maybe is the home that has no dome
Freedom is not in the blame of the other nor in the acceptance of the other, but in neither

Freedom is not in the experience of the yesterday nor the repetition of the memory of the yesterday but maybe in the birth of the awareness of today

Freedom is not in the labels, not on the tables of the labels, nor in the fables of the labels
But maybe, in the unlabeled, in the un-tabled, within the un-fabled

Freedom is not in the confinements and conditions of hate or love, chaos or peace, for both are simply refined confinements, refined conditions
However refined the confinement, The refined, is only as fine as its confinement
But maybe in that which is neither confined/refined nor conditioned

Thus, a mind that is unexplored beyond its confinements, beyond its own known refinements,
is a mind that is unexamined

For a human that is free is like a numen and a lumen that know of no numen or lumen

Dream of the Dream

I Dream of a dream in the dream of the dream
Dreams as my beams
Dreams as my streams
Dreams as my screams
And Dreams as my gleams

In dreams I live in the ream of dreams
In Memes I live my dreams
In desire for dreams, I make the dreams of desire

Desire for Desire as my attire
My Attire as my mire
I fuel my fire to duel my, for hire
For hire, I desire for a buyer
A buyer to whom, I be a slave of my desire

I ponder of this nature of desire with the will to fulfill
To fill my dreams with fumes of desire

I may think I have the free will of the will to choose my will
or i may think that i have the free will of choice, free will to desire
But both the choice and the will are bound by the strings of my desire
And that which is bound, that which is found through the bound still called freedom? Is such freedom FREE?
For my desire is always from the knew and never of the new

I wonder if that which is new, not a renew, but completely NEW has desire for desire
For the NEW is not of the whew, not of the few and not of the YOU

And maybe, a new that is new to the new that is no new of the new
Maybe here, will i still have desire, will I still have the dream of desire, the frame of desire……
I wonder