Escape to a New Scape

Some wants to Escape, Some wants a New Scape
Some wants to Escape the New Scape, some wants a New Scape to Escape
For some wants a scape that is a cape to cope with the escape

In name of hate, in the name of fate
In the name of the love, in the name of the dove
I play the same game, again and again for the same gain
I say the same name, again and again for the same pain
Wanting the same thing again and again to cling on
For repetition has become my petition and my repetitive petition has become my imagination
Imagination breathing through the respiration of precipitation of the anticipation, anticipation to escape

With my hand full of experiences
Mind full of memories
I live in the thoughts with knots and not’s
For I am caught in the knot and I fight the not

My fight has become my flight
My night has become my light
And In the name of light, I take my flight
and in the name of flight I hide behind the might
Filled with might and the imagination of light, I lost my sight
For my sight has been blinded by the darkness & brightness of the light alike

Thinking this is light, I escape to another scape
A scape formed from my own memory to commemorate my memory of my repetitive imagination of the same name and the same game, Same gain and the same pain
Which I label my life
For I know of no life.




Skin as my Title, I hide behind its subtitle
Skin as my vital, I became its recital
Skin as my entitle, for I feel so belittle

Skin as my mask and skin as my cask
Skin as my task and skin as my daily flask
Skin as my fin and skin as my kin
And skin as my bin and the very cause of my akin

I flip and flap in the skin for the skin
With the mind of my skin and bind of my skin
In skins I nap, through skins I tap

Skins I feel, in skins I reel
Skins I appeal, for skins I seal
And in skins sins, I deal

My Skin is only that which I take, that which I make, and that which I rake
Skin misrepresents and does not represent
For the skin is temporary, is a memory but not exemplary

So, I must peel the skin, heal the kin
Feel the akin and deal with the breaking
For I am not just a skin

Let the skin not decide on the brother or sister
Let the skin not decide on the hate or mate
And Let the skin not decide on my fate

Let the mind be free of the skin, free of the kin of the skin
Let the thought be not of the skin or the akin of the skin
Let the mind, see the mind behind the mind, so the skin is no longer its bind

For the MIND that is FREE, is like a TREE that is FREE