Sense And Nonsense

Blinded by my senses
Minded by my senses
Binded by my senses
Bounded to my senses

Grinded by my senses
Reprimanded by my senses
I roam the streets of sorrows
As a prisoner of my own shadows

Shadows of my perception
Shadows of my deception, of my own deceptive conceptions, making them my own inceptions
Inception of my senses as my fences
And my fences as my stances

Confronted by my senses
Confined to my senses
And defunct of my own senses
All I sense is another sense to sense the sense of my sense

With my narrow sense of the sense, I borrow another sense to tense my sense
With a sense so intense, I loose my sense to sense, making another sense my sense to make sense of my sense
With this new sense that I call my sense, I become a nuisance

And maybe when I actually become a nuisance to the nuisance
I may sense the nuisance of my sense and the very nuisance of the nuisance
Maybe then, I may realize that I have no Sense and I am no sense making sense of non sense with my sense that has no sense and yet is a sense of the very Non Sense.

A non sense of the non sense to the non sense with no sense or non Sense.


My World

My world is another mold
A mold of another fold

For i realize that every fold is just another hold
Another hold i can no longer withhold
For every withhold is of the told
Both the fool’s gold and the white gold

And all that i am told is now my own blindfold
Blindfolded i am, making the known my backbone

For my Laughter is of the known
My laughter after is of the known

My happiness is of the known
My sadness is of the known

My pleasure is of the known
my treasure is of the known

My pain is of the known
my came is of the known

The faces i miss are of the known
the spaces i kiss are of the known

And, all I know is of the known
All i have yet to know is through the known

To the known, i am alive
To the known, I die

And when i am alive to my sense, i speak of the nonsense of my sense
And when i am no sense, i have no sense to sense the sense

For my world has become a senseless sense with known sense of unknown nonsense, that has no sense of the nonsense, of the sense