Freedom from Self

To be FREE, is to be free from the self
To be Free from the self, is to need no self
To need no self is to heed no self

To heed no self is to need no shelf
To need no shelf is to claim no self

No self as myself and no shelf as my shelf
For every self, is another hail for help
Hail for help from the self i call my self

With no self to call my self as myself, i may come upon that which is no self
And when i come upon that which is no self, there is neither the I to know that which is nor that which is, to the I
Here, may be here, no where near here, i may come across that which is different, entirely different

For everything i write of the unknown is a lie
Every word i speak of the unknown is a lie
And every thought i think of the unknown is a lie

For i may use words to silence the words
Thoughts to silence the thoughts
And never that which is neither, for each other is another tether to one another

When i realize that there is no other
When i actualize with no other
When i materialize with none another

Maybe then, i may come across that which is the absence of another, absence of another in its totality, in its entirety, in every possible eternity
With no other for another, here i wonder……


Silence of the Well

Every Cloud Will pass
Every Doubt will surpass

Every fight will be fought
Every thought will be caught

Every name will be a meme
Every cream will be a frame

Every dream unframed
every broom untamed

Every Scar will heal
Even the charred will feel

Every Door will be removed
Every ore will be bored

Every shadow will bleed
Every dove will be freed

Every epiphany will frost
Every Destiny will defrost

Every shelf will dissolve
every self will evolve

And Every Evolved will revolve
Revolve to dissolve

Dissolve in the well
In the well of the spring that rings every string

For here is the ring, that rings the bell
For I am the Bell, the spell and the silence of the well